Subhamoy Das

Marketing & Communications Leader

Intercultural Communication and Today’s Globalized Workplace

Our digitally enabled and always-connected work environment makes it easier than ever for us to work with teams across the globe. However, indifference towards intercultural communication and lack of understanding of organizational culture among employees and their leaders may lead to disastrous results that may hurt profits, performance, and employee morale. Hence, it is imperative for communicators to be equipped with the crucial knowledge of intercultural communication to foster effective collaboration within their global teams.

About the Speaker

Subhamoy Das is a former journalist and communication professional based in India. He has two decades of experience in public relations, marketing and communications, having led global teams in top multinational companies including GE, eBay, PayPal, and Deloitte, and media houses such as the New York Times Company, Hindustan Times and India Today. He has authored several books and is an expert on social media and digital marketing. He heads marketing and communications for a leading global professional services company in India and serves as the president of IABC India.