Stuart Howie

Comms Strategist & Award-winning Author

How to set up a DIY Newsroom and do it like the pros

We have more ways to communicate than ever, but it’s never been so hard to cut through the cacophony. An increasing number of organisations are finding a new level of engagement by setting up a DIY Newsroom. Why newsrooms? Because they are at the top of the content food chain and content is their reason for being. At the core, is being able to make a consistent heartfelt connection with audiences. But how do you do that in a strategic and sustainable way, and from your own resources? In this session, STUART HOWIE will explain a simple methodology that underpins the way to resonate in today’s Attention Economy for stunning results. He’ll explain to business leaders how to change-up their comms for greater recognition for the good work they do. And he’ll provide comms practitioners with practical tools for front-line wins.

About the Speaker
Stuart Howie is a Canberra-based communications and media consultant who helps organisations and their leaders to discover, shape and tell their story for maximum recognition. He is the author of The DIY Newsroom, named as Social Media and Technology Book of the Year at the 2019 Australian Business Book Awards. A former editorial director of Fairfax Regional Media, Stuart oversaw the editorial operations of 180 titles and a newsforce of almost 900 staff across Australia. Today, he is known as a communications thought leader, and for driving change for clients as they seek to transform their communications and business operations.