Penny Edmondson

Director, M&P Partners

Penny has spent the last 20 years (and counting) helping organisations in England and Australia to more effectively engage with consumers and employees. Penny is a communication professional with a unique fusion of
experience across marketing, advertising and communication. Her marketing background allows her to provide a more sophisticated approach to understanding employee behaviour and shifting mindsets. Since co-founding
M&P Partners, Penny applies this approach to her clients’ organisations to help them understand employee behaviour.

Delving into problems and distilling strategic and creative thinking is Penny’s forte, and is the most challenging and rewarding part of what she does. She has put these talents to excellent use for many companies including, Australian Red Cross Blood Service, Olympus,, BHP, Cbus, AustralianSuper, Orica, Amcor, Ansett, Minter Ellison, Mt Buller, Monash University.


It’s not just in the saying, it’s in the doing: are communicators doing enough to really drive the Diversity & Inclusion agenda?