Ngaire Crawford

Insights Director, Isentia

Leadership and the Media: What can media tell us about our expectations on leaders?

The way that people consume information and make connections has changed, and it has impacted what we expect from our leaders. Isentia has been studying leadership in the media for the last 12 months and have examined how media respond to corporate leaders, disruptive leaders and leaders in crisis. In this session Ngaire will also sneak peek the next phase of research: activism

About the Speaker

As Insights Director, Ngaire runs the media research division for the ANZ region at Isentia. She is also the Chair of the Global Young Leaders Group for AMEC, the International Association for the measurement and evaluation of communication, and the Isentia insights team are one of the most recognised in the world by AMEC for their work. She is a passionate advocate for communications research and measurement and how the right evaluation is critical to business success.