Mark Stephens

Communication & Brand Positioning Strategist

The Future is Here: Write less to engage more.

Today, more information than we can possibly imagine is consumed online, in ‘our’ time. Our phones, tablets and devices allow and encourage this. If we are to connect with our audiences in a meaningful, brand enhancing, intuitive and human-centred manner, we need to disrupt the status-quo. We need to respond with what our readers want – content that can be consumed on multiple levels, quickly, easily and conveniently. This presentation will challenge communicators to think differently about the tools we use to tell our stories. We will be asking communicators to imagine what more we can do to create meaningful, memorable and engaging ‘reader experiences’, because without readers we have no story to tell.

About the Speaker

After training in visual communication design and commercial photography, Mark established a brand communications agency in the late ‘80s. Since then, his goal and challenge has been to create simple and engaging communications for Government agencies, corporates and NGOs. Largely self-taught in all aspects of business management, Mark understands the energy and focus required to tell meaningful and consistent brand stories. This latest development, the digital document platform, takes him one step closer to achieving his goal.