Loren Savage

Senior Engagement Advisor

Being heard when no one is listening: Creating space for under-represented voices to be heard

Being heard is a challenge for most professional communicators. It’s even harder for those from under-represented communities when people aren’t listening — or simply don’t want to listen. But there are some who are influentially noisy. As champions for their people, they bring authentic voices to issues that impact their peers. What can we learn from them? And how can we help create the space needed for others to be heard, without speaking for them?

About the Speakers

Loren Savage
Born with achondroplasia, Loren Savage prefers the term Little Person. The communications specialist combines her lived experience of disability with both her career and volunteer work.

Chlöe Swarbrick MP
Chlöe cut her political teeth as a 22 year old, running a ground-breaking campaign for election as the Mayor of Auckland in 2016. She is now a Green Party MP, and Aotearoa’s youngest MP in 40 years. She brings to parliament her experience as a policy wonk, journalist, business owner and a community project leader

Arrun Soma
Former TVNZ and BBC television journalist Arrun Soma now works in communications. Arrun, whose family originally hails from India, is a proud member of the rainbow community.

Guled Mire
The Christchurch terror attack saw Guled Mire become a public face for marginalised communities. The co-founder of refugee/migrant support group Third Culture Minds recently spoke at the UN in Geneva.

Yvonne Tahana