Loc Trinh

Director, Diverse Audience Engagement, CultureVerse

Breaking through the multicultural communications gap: building trust to make diverse communications work

With increasing levels of migration throughout the world, and countries including Australia and New Zealand becoming more ethnically diverse than ever before, itโ€™s essential to take diversity into account when planning your communication and engagement approaches. Loc Trinh and Jessica Billimoria, experienced multicultural communication professionals, share their experience in government communication. They โ€˜ll show you how to build trust between authorities and communities using grassroots community engagement activities, and demonstrate how you can build this into your marketing and communications campaigns from the start.

About the Speakers

Loc Trinh has over 20 years’ experience in marketing communication and engagement with multicultural communities. He played a crucial role in establishing the Australian Taxation Officeโ€™s approach to diverse communications. Loc has received numerous awards including three ATO Australia Day medals and was one of the first officers inducted into the ATO Hall of Fame.

Jessica is an accomplished marketing communications professional with 14 years’ experience working for government, non-profit and private sector corporations. Skilled in strategic multicultural communications, Jessica is experienced in developing and implementing organisation-wide approaches to engaging diverse audience groups.