Daniel Posavac

CEO, Bonsey Jaden

The Future of Digital Brand Building

While it may seem like your customers are everywhere, on every channel, they are not. Today they are on Facebook, tomorrow they are on Instagram, next week they will be on Snap. Your customers journey is no longer entirely in your control. Consumers make up their own minds on where they want to be, what they want to see and when. This is why marketers need to make sure that every brand experience developed for their customers is not only hyper-relevant, but also resonant. We call these modular brand experiences, and every experience matters.

It is no longer enough to focus on campaign or product cycles alone, or to split your media investments 80/20 above and below the line. Your brand purpose, the always on narrative you communicate – and every modular experience your customer is exposed to – will ultimately drive the positioning, affinity, trust and loyalty customers have for your product or company.

About the Speakers

Daniel’s passion for building things is only eclipsed by his desire to explore the endless possiblities at the intersection of business, technology and creativity. This drove him to graciously give up on a career as a sports star, walk away from being a rock star, and instead led him to Singapore where he co-founded Bonsey Jaden in 2013. Having accumulated over 15 years of experience on the marketing front-line (on both sides of the battlefield), Daniel thrives in problem solving, has a keen eye for opportunity and a love for connecting dots. With an unwavering belief in the power of brand, and digitally trained mind, Daniel is focused on building the best agency group in the world, filled with the best digital brand architects in the world – with a view to contribute to the world, rather than take over it.