Daniel Munslow

CEO, MCC Consulting

Reputation Resilience – the future of crisis communication

Organisations globally are experiencing an elevated reputational risk environment, meaning as communicators we need to rethink our approach to issues and crisis management. A proactive crisis communication strategy is central to any issue preparedness and response plan, which is aimed at safeguarding organisational reputation.

Communicators are key strategic advisors during a crisis, and for this advice to be acted on, their recommendations must display agility, business acumen, and a considered balance between regulatory and social licences to operate.

About the Speaker

Daniel Munslow is the CEO of MCC Consulting. He has 16 years’ experience in business communication and reputation management and has worked across multiple industries in numerous African countries, the Middle East, Europe, and Asia Pacific. He specialises in strategic communication, crisis communication, measurement and evaluation, and skills development for senior communication practitioners and business leaders for a global client base.

Daniel has worked in banking, financial services, energy, aviation, retail, mining, ICT, motoring, media, higher education, telecommunications, insurance, pharmaceuticals, and for the United Nations Development Programme, working with the United Nations Iraq Country Team. He has also developed country brand and communication strategies. Daniel is a former director on the International Association of Business Communicators’ International Executive Board for the 2016/18 term and was the 2014/16 IABC Africa Regional Chairperson. He sits on Global Communication Report Advisory panel.