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EXTENDED Submission Deadline: Monday 2 December @ 11:59 P.M. AEDT 

FUSION will feature a wide range of presentations across the full gambit of communication – from reputation and brand, to crisis and employee engagement. There will be a mix of thought-leadership presentations and practical sessions that will build knowledge, skills and connections.

Our goal is to connect communicators across the Asia Pacific region and the world to inspire, create connections, foster best practice, and promote leadership in the communication profession.

Applicants are encouraged to peruse both the Prospectus and the IABC Global Standard, as part of your preparation.

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Sessions will include keynote speeches (60 mins), traditional presentation (30 mins + Q&A), Rapido presentation (5 mins) , or be part of a themed panel discussion or co-presented workshop.

We are interested in speakers and content that:

  • Represents outstanding business communications that make a real impact
  • Captures the latest knowledge and ideas in the profession
  • Leads on how to reinvent our communication practices
  • Showcases innovative tools and techniques
  • Engages delegates on the dynamics and distinctive challenges for the Asia-Pacific region

This is what IABC looks for in a keynote presenter:

  • An authentic, dynamic speaker with a compelling presence who is able to connect with this audience in a meaningful way
  • Knowledgeable about international business communication and able to articulate the tangible importance and critical value of communication to an organization
  • Prepared to offer innovative content that will resonate with an audience of international business communicators
  • Proven ability in terms of presentations to international audiences at commercial business conferences

EXTENDED Submission Deadline: Monday 2 December @ 11:59 P.M. AEDT (Timezone Converter)

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